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Output product meets all requirements of American Petroleum Institute API and GOST Standard.


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The trading House KSP Steel is an exclusive representative of the plant KSP Steel — the first Kazakhstan manufacturer of seamless steel pipes for oil and gas industry established in the beginning of 2007. A production center of the company is in the city of Pavlodar, this is a place where in December 2007 the plant KSP Steel was officially opened with participation of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. A total area of production facilities of the enterprise is about 133 ha. Over 7500 professionally trained specialists work there. The plant’s operation is coordinated by the principal business office in Almaty.

The core activities of KSP Steel are related to manufacture of seamless steel pipes of different diameter and purpose. Today, tubular goods of the company are successfully operated in pipeline construction, at facilities of oil, gas and exploration companies, machine building and manufacturing plants of Kazakhstan. Aside from domestic deliveries, the goods are actively exported to the CIS states (Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan) and countries outside the CIS, including the USA.

An advantageous geographical location of the pipe mill allows for promptly shipping and transporting goods to any station of destination within the territory of Kazakhstan. A possible delivery of tubular goods by sea freight from the outport Aktau facilitates KSP Steel’s entry into the markets of Caspian bordering countries, and the proximity to the Russian border — the markets of Central and Eastern Siberia. It is also promoted by the well-developed transport system having a global reach for exporting the domestic seamless pipes.

Main competitive strengths and a calling card of KSP Steel is an absolute quality of seamless pipes meeting the highest international standards. It is achieved by implementation of the unique equipment as well as the latest quality assurance methods and trials of manufactured tubular goods. An availability of the modern pipe manufacturing facilities, formidable science and technology base and highly qualified personnel allow the pipes under KSP Steel trademark to compete on equal footing with goods of acknowledged world leaders.

At the present Trading House KSP Steel is one of the main regular supplier of OCTG tubulars for major Russian Oil&Gas companies such as Rosneft, Gazprom, LUKOIL, Tatneft, Bashneft, Novatek etc.

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