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Output product meets all requirements of American Petroleum Institute API and GOST Standard.

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MetalExpo-2016 is the main metallurgical forum

16 November 2016 г.

KSP Steel Trading House took part in XXII International Industrial Fair MetalExpo-2016.

Visitors and potential customers had expressed interest in production of KSP Steel Mill during negotiations and meetings on the Fair.

Trading House presented for guests of our boot new kind of products:

- Seamless hot-rolled boiler tubes from steel grades st.20 and 12H1MF as per TU 14-3R-55-2001. Boiler tubes are used under pressure boilers, in furnaces, casting machines and tanks under high temperatures conditions.

- Ferrosilicon as per GOST 1415-93. This alloy is used for deoxidation and micro-alloying different types of steel.

- Steel grinding balls as per GOST 7524-89. The balls are used for crushing ores, coal, clinker and other material in ball mills.

- Reinforcing bar as per GOST 5781-82.

Ferroalloys had been put into production in KSP Steel

26 October 2016 г.

Recently KSP Steel started large scale production of alloys for metallurgical industry. The costs of realization of this project was 8 billion tenge, production capacity is 30 000 tons of ferroalloys annually. This project allows to build up 350 new jobs. Estimated demand in these products is around 200 thousand tons for CIS mills.

KSP Steel Trading House is official distributor of the mill for ferroalloys in Russian Federation.

Note: Ferroalloys are alloys of iron with other elements (Cr, Si, Mn, Ti etc.) mainly used for deoxidation and alloying steel. Class of Ferroalloys also include alloys with minimum content of iron as impurity (calcium-silicon, silicomanganese etc.)

Trading company KSP STEEL is certified to supply corrosion resistant pipes to Rosneft sites!

20 July 2016 г.

As a result of joint operations with OOO Samara ITC, oil and gas line pipes manufactured by TOO KSP Steel of microalloyed steel grade “13CVN” were successfully certified according to TC 1317-008-78827746-2015 for construction of AO Rosneft field facilities in range of sizes Ø60-273 mm. Positive review was obtained on product quality, used on high in hydrogen sulphide sites and in other corrosive environment. Additionally, works on expansion of corrosion resistant steel grade guide for needs of AO Rosneft are planned.

Trading company KSP Steel increases its scope of delivery to AO Rosneft and AO RN-Snabzhenie.

9 June 2016 г.

More than 15 000 tons were dispatched in the first half of 2016, that significantly exceeds values of similar period in 2015. Our company successfully provided the supply of tubing, casing and oil line pipes for winter period, despite of abnormally warm spring. Also, a new line was opened due to cooperation – pipes with inner protective lining.

For your reference:
Rosneft is a Russian petroleum company, 69.5% of its shares are state-owned. It is one of the biggest oil production public companies in the world. Company performs crude oil production at main production facilities in Western and Eastern Siberia, Timan-Pechora province, Central Russia, southern part of European Russia and in the Russian Far East.

KSP Steel for Bashneft

KSP Steel Trading House LLC keeps shipment of tubular goods for PAO Bashneft and affiliated branches. In 2015 KSP Steel has shipped over 5 000 tonnes pipes different application including Tubing, Casing and Line pipe. For 1Q 2016 KSP Steel Trading House and Bashneft signed contracts for around 4 000 tonnes pipes and deliveries extension will be prolong.

For reference:
PAO Bashneft is one of dynamically developing vertically-integrated major Russian oil companies. The main activities of Bashneft are exploration and production oil and gas, refinery and petroleum products sales.

KSP Steel Trading House took part in XXI International Industrial Fair MetalExpo-2015

16 December 2015 г..

The annual event took place at the VDNKh, Moscow, on 10-13 November 2015. This year more than 500 companies took part in this fair.

KSP Steel Trading House is holding this event for the second year in a row from the date of establishing. Interest to KSP Steel products is increasing y-t-y as well as geography of the supply. Delivery volume is expected to be expanded in 2016.

At the conclusion of the Fair KSP Steel Trading House was granted by Organize Committee for the best booth.

KSP Steel Trading House goes on successful cooperation with oil companies

30 September 2015 г.

KSP Steel Trading House active develops pipes delivery for oil and gas industry. Based on awarder tender KSP Steel will supply about 3 000 tonnes of tubing and general purpose pipes for OAO Gazprom.

Starting from January and up to the present KSP Steel Trading House completed delivery of pipe lot over 1 900 tonnes. The rest will be shipped by the end of 2015./p>

KSP Steel for Rosneft

06 July 2015 г.

The trading House KSP Steel ships goods for needs of OAO OC Rosneft enterprises. According to contractual terms, the specialists of KSP Steel will ship more than 7,000 tons of pipes of different applications including tubing, casing and oil line pipes. So far, active shipments are underway, the whole scope of supply is planned to complete by the end of 2015.

Deliveries for OAO Lukoil

20 March 2015 г.

Within the framework of the contract concluded with OAO Lukoil on supply of equipment for oil fields, the trading House KSP Steel Ltd proceeded with delivery of seamless hot-worked oil line pipes manufactured by LLP KSP Steel, Pavlodar, for Q2 2015. Over the period from January to March 2015, our company supplied more than 3,000 tons of tubing and casing pipes for OAO Lukoil in Q1 2015. The promptitude of delivery and the quality of tubular goods made possible for the client to complete the projects planned for Q1 2015 in the required timescale.

The trading House KSP Steel participated in Metal Expo 2014

23 December 2014 г.

This year the trading House KSP Steel was an exhibitor at the international industrial fair Metal Expo 2014. At the exhibition the meetings were held with representatives of major oil and gas companies, the contracts were signed on delivery of tubular goods and rolled stock.

Metal Expo is a set stage where competitors and partners come face to face to communicate with each other as well as with their consumers.

Information obtained at the fair covering not only production but specific features of marketing and communications industry-wide will allow the trading House KSP Steel to offer out-of-shelf solutions of packaged supplies promptly and on time.

The website of our company get started.

18 September 2014 г.

The audit against the requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2004 was successfully undergone

5 September 2014 г.

КSP Steel: Absolute demonstration of quality and reliability of the domestic manufacturer.

9 August 2014 г.

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